Who we are?

At Cashmann, we believe that software can’t be called simple if it can’t be used by a ‘six years old’ and that’s our guiding principle for everything we do. This ranges from our software to the pricing models we have in place.

The solutions we create are Simple to use, can be tailored to your needs and deliver full value for your money.

We started our operations working with accounting professional and since then we have enhanced our products & services to offer a highly usable solutions to our customers. Our experience in working with a range of accounting platforms enables us to deliver pertinent advice to our customers. Our accounting knowledge & experience is underpinned by an experienced and dedicated team of technology developers whose mission is to create solutions which can be further integrated with other systems in the market.

We believe in building & nurturing relationships and are dedicated at providing core solutions to our clients through technical talent and utmost dedication to customer service. Our work does not end when you choose our accounting platform for your business, it actually starts from there, we ensure that you have all the important ongoing advice, enhanced technical support and adequate training you require.

By being with Cashmann, you would be with an accounting platform that has been tailored to your business and your peculiar needs with an extended ability to integrate with external systems of your choice.

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